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Our Clients

We work with brands and individuals big and small to meet your needs. Read about some of our client collaborations, past and present.

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 Ralph Lauren // Content 

Clinique // Ideation and content 

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Nordstrom // Creative direction and advising on content direction, content creation 

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Estée Lauder portfolio brands

Copywriting, content ideation, brand positioning, newsletters, SEO writing and more for Estée Lauder's range of brands including but not limited to Smashbox, Origins, MAC Cosmetics, Jo Malone and more

Various projects:

SEO writing for Shebee jewelry, creative copywriting for Greenlight Licensing, Copyediting and content for 107 Beauty, copywriting for Polestar, Copywriting and media consulting for Shop Julietta

Converse x Dazed//

Creative copywriting

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Creative direction for content, creative copywriting

Longchamp // Creative Copywriting, show notes 

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Disney x The Blonds x Karla Otto // Creative Copywriting, special projects

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Arizona Iced Tea // Creative copywriting, special projects

Woolmark // Content creative direction and creation

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Barclays // Ideation and content creation 

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Ariat International // Social media copy

Whistles // Creation direction for content, content creation

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Lirika Matoshi // Brand development, general advising, sourcing, creative direction, photoshoot production, collaboration management, influencer seeding, copywriting, etc. 

Teuta Matoshi // Brand development, general advising, sourcing, creative direction input, production for photoshoots, copywriting, etc. 

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